Working From The Hex

2021 transformed the world of work.

It was the catalyst that kick-started the global shift. Remote work has since doubled from pre-pandemic levels, as both employers and employees recognise the benefits to working from home.

Remote work is here to stay

BUT there is an issue.

Whilst attitudes around working from home have evolved, the spaces we work within have not.

The kitchen table, the sofa, an ironing board. 73% of those working from home do not have a dedicated workspace

​The Ultimate Space Company, founded by Chris, Jamie and John, was born out of a need to help humans navigate through this historic transition.

As an employer you want your staff to be as productive at home, as they are in the office.

As an employee, you want to find the perfect work-life balance, where productivity and well-being merge. 

The Hex is a space that works for You.

Distractions, frustrations, feeling unproductive?

We understand it all.

We created the Hex as we believe that everyone deserves the space to reach their full potential. Your space has never been so critical. To you.

Months of meticulous design and planning by the team at Astheimer lead to a design that maximised the most optimum space, for the smallest footprint.

The hex is the most efficient space, that results in the most efficient work.

A space for you to get the most out of your day.

We are on a journey and will continue to raise the bar. To try and achieve the very best, the very ‘ultimate’ of spaces.

We’d have to change our name otherwise!

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